It's so incredibly difficult these days to find an intelligent, empathetic doctor who listens and respects what you (the patient) has to say. It's made even more difficult when you need a Lyme Disease doctor, an actual educated specialist. Most family doctors are completely uneducated about the disease entirely or have just enough information to be dangerous. Listed below are creditable, amazing resources of professionals that I can honestly say have greatly improved my quality of life and, in my opinion, are the best at what they do. I am happy to share their information in hopes that they help you as much as they have helped me. 


 Lyme disease alternative treatment at the Haverford Wellness Center utilizes an integrative approach combining proven traditional therapy (antibiotics) to cure the infection along with integrative therapies that can help in accelerating the patient’s recovery from the toxic effects of Lyme disease


Dr. Domenick Braccia, Medical Director: Domenick Braccia, D.O. is the Medical Director of Haverford Wellness Center. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare, Dr. Braccia is a graduate of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed a Family Practice Residency Program at Delaware County Memorial Hospital. Successful treatment of Lyme disease is a professional challenge for Dr. Braccia, using both traditional and non-traditional therapies, to offer the best possible treatment outcome. Dr. Braccia provides patients with the best clinical Lyme research as well as his personal philosophy of treating “the whole person.”

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Joel Alderfer, RPh. MBA


 Joel attended Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science to pursue a pharmacy degree and graduated in 1996.  He has been a licensed pharmacist in Pennsylvania ever since. Joel also graduated with an MBA in 2004 in health care administration from the University of Phoenix.

             Remember the good old days when pharmacists actually had a relationship with their patients and their doctors?

Since I have been a pharmacist I have never been happy with the way “pharmaceutical care” has been provided at other establishments and believe that a patient is just not a prescription or a copay but is an actual person and that I am an accessible health care provider with drug and other knowledge to help them manage their medications in appropriate way and provide them medication education on their treatment of medical conditions. It is my goal to take the time with patients and to help them with their concerns as well as provide natural and homeopathic treatments when the need would fit. The good news is that I have founded Apothecary of Harleysville to provide that “old-time personal service”.

"personalized services "big chain" pharmacies can't provide"